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Friday, October 8, 2010

The "Cache Tip" of the Week

Today’s Caching Tip is an FYI for you to get involved in a record breaking event this Sunday 10/10/10....

Help Break a Geocaching Record on 10-10-10

The big day is almost here! On 10-10-10, geocachers around the world will join together to try to break the record for the number of accounts to log a geocache in a single day. The current record stands at 56,654. It was set on April 18, 2010. Since we are counting how many accounts log a cache rather than the number of caches logged, all you need to do is find and log a single cache on 10-10-10! So, get out there, get involved, and let's set a new geocaching record.


Benizerith said...

Done! We found 4 today. I wanted really badly to find 10, just cuz it would be cool, but we got a late start and only had a couple hours of daylight. Still got me a souvenir though!

Shell said...

Done! :D We aimed for 10... close enough. lol


Done! I got mine in too thanks to Shell's awesome Cliffs of Bear Creek Falls cache! Almost killed myself but that's another story for another day, lol!
I will release the statistical information as it becomes available at but, I have this funky feeling that we were part of history! I also thought that the little icon souvenir was a nice touch added by Mike at
Thanks for standing up and being counted!


Ok guys, the count as of this morning is 75,896! Remember the old record on 4/18/2010 was 56,654 so we are there and they are still getting some late loggers. I think it will come in right around 76,000! That is amazing and the new record that we can smash next November on 11/11/11 lol! I will report the final number and if you want to view a video on the event you can check it out here -

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