CacheCrazy.Com: Hi everyone, I’m back from my business trip to Chicago, Il.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hi everyone, I’m back from my business trip to Chicago, Il.

So, let me tell you a little bit about me and what I have a passion for. No I’m not going to tell you about my wife and kids, my part time cooking position or even geocaching. I’m going to tell you about my “day job”.

My official title is USDA Commodity Program Director for a company named Preferred Meal Systems, Inc. The company is the single largest producer of school lunches in the country. We serve over 500,000 kids every day in breakfast, lunch and after school programs. The company is both a manufacturer and food service management company rolled into one. I have been with this company for just over ten years working out of the Moosic, PA facility of which I was the Plant Manager for five years. Moosic in one of four manufacturing facilities and 18 distribution centers across the country complement the company’s commitment to freshness.

Chicago really is a beautiful and clean city

I am kind of a middle man who facilitates the USDA donated commodity foods program for the company. I work closely with the government and state agencies to insure that every kid gets to eat a lunch everyday regardless of their ability to pay. I fight for these kids because many of them will only have that one meal all day and I want to be sure that it is nutritious and delicious. This program is part of the Leave No Child Behind act and I ensure that the company is using it as effectively and extensively as possible. So, I guess what I do for a living is feed less fortunate kids lunch. What a great job! Of course I don’t do this alone; I have a wonderful team of commodity management and materials managers whom I lead. I have developed quite a successful team and they are the best for putting up with me!

So all of this week I attended a Strategic Planning Meeting and Symposium in Chicago where our corporate office is located. We had some small breakout sessions and a large session in the conference center where we stayed. My portion of the meeting was to roll out a new program called PCCP (process control certification program). It will help all of the facilities process USDA commodity foods without the need for an onsite USDA grader along with other benefits that will realize first year savings of over one half million dollars. Along with those saving I am asking that they reinvest 35% back into the program so I can expand to other states and feed even more kids a free lunch. I think I nailed it!

So that’s what I do for a living and I invest about 60 hours per week into it. The income is above average and the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a real difference is the greatest! In addition to this position I cook at a popular local restaurant in the sauté station on Friday’s and Saturday’s. I love to cook! Even as a young man I was always experimenting with food. I watch the food network all the time and can make a mean Veal Franchisee. That money helps with odds and ends but I really do enjoy it and was fortunate to be asked to work with this culinary team. They are all talented in their own way and I continue to learn from them and them from me, it’s really fun!

So, now I’m back and ready to do some new posts with all my free time, lol! Watch for some new stuff coming next week!

Thanks for checking in and following my blog!


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