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Monday, October 25, 2010

Signature Items

For as long as I have been geocaching I have been adding a signature item to most of the caches I find and even make some custom pieces for FTF prizes that really go over big with the finder. My two standard mediums are 2 inch wooden coins which I wood burn by hand and sculptors hardening clay that I mold and scribe then finish.
I have seen many types of signature items in the field. Most are business card types with some personal info or a message on them; others are elaborate creations with an artistic flair. All are cool in my book. When a geocacher introduces them to you through a signature item, they are saying “hi, this is who I am and I’ve been here”. How cool is that? I have a friend who collects items and puts out a pretty neat coin of his own. It goes beyond the matchbox car and the crayon set, it’s a personal gift with the intensions to be known that the cacher was here and now that you are finding this you can keep it or move it on to another cache. Most of these types of items are not travel or traceable but I have seen one that looked like a sig item but in fact was a travel bug.

In any case, these are neat little items that leave a personal impression on the sport and gets your name out in the field as well. In 2011, I am going to release a CacheCrazy Bloodhounded coin to promote the blog site and my team.  So when you open up your next cache and rummage through the contents, look for an item that was put there by someone who wanted you to find something special! If you can find that cachers profile and send them a quick note on it, wow, that would just make their day. Every little personal touch makes all the difference in this game of hide and seek. Maybe, I have inspired you to make one of your own? Feel free to share your ideas and your signature items with us.
Have fun and cache safe (it is hunting season you know).


Bigal437 said...

I really enjoy finding signature items. I think yours look really cool. I have been wanting to come up with one for a while so I'll have to get at it and create one. Today would have been the perfect day to have one. Not for a cache, but to give to a lady at the post office. I really sold her on Geocaching. She says she'll have to go home and have her husband check it out on the web. I was mailing to TB's today. One to the UK and one to Australia. These are being sent there for the class I am teaching on Educaching. They will turn them lose over there and then they will travel around before being brought to the states by someone I hope. Should be lots of fun tracking them on Google Earth. So I guess I'll have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a good signature item.

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