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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FALLing in love again

My God, I just can’t believe its fall! What happened? Mother nature you sneaky bugger! I turn my back, take a short trip out west and BAM, there goes another season! Time waits for no man.

I figured before the season ends I had better get out this weekend and do some geocaching and I know just the one I want to do! Can’t wait! The leaves are just about done in some areas but still peaking in others. If you drive just 40 minutes south of the Poconos it’s just getting close to peak. Near Allentown, it’s about one week away but all in all it’s coming and going too quickly if you ask me. Oh, I know I’ll be raking up that HUGE leaf pile and jumping in it with the kids, fun! Which makes me wonder what folks will think when my kids are all grown up and moved away and I’m still doing it? I always love the way the leaves smell when the warm afternoon sun heats them and you get your nose right down in there! Man, that’s living I tell ya! It all falls on the same lines as “stop to smell the roses”. Live your life my friends like it’s the last day everyday! I wish I followed my own advise.
In the spirit of the season I switched up the blog page to put you in the mood (no, smelling your computer screen won’t give you the same results dummy, lol). All of the wonderful colors of fall are more brilliant this year than in years past. Some say it has to do with the dry summer while others say the heavy rain at the end of the summer peaked them. I really don’t know if there is truly a scientific answer and quite honestly, I really don’t care. I just love to look at them, feel them, smell them taste them (you got a problem with that?) and play in them. While most folks look at their yard full of leaves and curse, I see them as nature’s toys and like all toys, once your done playing with them you have to put them away and get ready for new toys, snow!

I do know that seasonal conditions and chemical changes in leaves are the key factors in the timing and color of fall foliage. Generally, clear, sunny days and cool nights with temperatures in the 40s bring about the most striking autumn color. Here's a sampling of the leaves that will be setting NEPA’s landscapes ablaze with color this fall. Try to see how many you can find and have fun!


Chris said...

Boy you hit the nail on the head with this post Bloodhounded! Time really goes so fast and before you know it we will be making snowmen. You are so funny, I can see it now, a 60 year old Bloodhounded taking a big running start, a dive into the leaf pile followed be the ambulance coming down the driveway, ha ha!
You inspire me to do these things, thanks!

Bigal437 said...

Okay there is no using that four letter word, I won't say it, I'll just spell it. SNOW. I happen to like the weather just like it is. I'll take the nice cool weather for now and the white stuff later for bear and deer season. LOL. It really is beautiful out right now though. And your right about the smells and the sights. They are AWESOME!!! So get out there and enjoy it while it's here.

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