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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The cache tip of the day

It’s that time again for The “Cache Tip” of the day!

Today’s cache tip is more related to safety but hey, that’s important too, right?

Nothing can ruin a perfectly good geocaching adventure quicker than a personal disaster such as a serious injury or a trauma situation to one of your family members, friends or pets. Yes, it can happen so fast and even when you are very careful. If you are like me, any distance cache that I hike or when I know I’ll be more than a half mile away from my vehicle, I wear a geopack. On longer jaunts I bring a geobackpack. Oh, inside the pack are all kinds of things that can help me with the find. I bring tweezers, a multi tool, a compass, spare batteries, lots of swag, a few extra baggies, logs and a flashlight. But, I’m not listing the most important item of all. Do you know what it is?

Benadryl, that’s right the little pink and white allergy medication that most folks use to fight occasional rag weed, golden rod and pet allergies. I am fortunate not to have any allergies (that I know of). This is brought along in case of emergencies. Poison ivy for instance doesn’t even bother me. I can roll around in the stuff and just walk away. While others just get close to it and suffer days of discomfort. Now if you’re allergic, you have a real problem on your hands. The more common example hides, nests and looks for the same areas that a geocache might be hidden. Small crevices, holes, rock formations, hollow trees, brush piles and just about anywhere else that provides cover from invation and keeps the elements at bay. Yes, bees. Oh, not just bees but hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, ground bees and even honey bees can have a lethal sting to someone who is allergic. Even if your not allergic and you receive multiple bites you could be in trouble. spiders can have the same effect on people and annamales so, don’t forget about your geodog too. They can get into areas we can’t and not understanding the danger right away could lead to a serious situation. That’s where Benadryl come in. It blocks the receptors to slow down and in some cases eliminate the allergens.
I have at least six capsules in each of my packs and in my glove compartment. The capsules are important because you can break them open fairly easy and pour it right in the mouth for the quickest results. Part of the symptoms of a reaction is the swelling of the throat; see where I’m going here. I once saved our dog that walked right into a ground bee nest and was stung multiple times. In no time she was pacing and scared. I knew in short time what was happening and broke two capsules into her mouth and ran her to the vet. The vet said that I saved her life and there was no further treatment necessary.

So, do yourself a favor, along with all of your other “stuff” build a small first aid kit and include Benadryl. It literally may save your life or someone else’s someday. If you cache with kids it’s a good idea to carry a few alcohol wipes, band aids, antibiotic ointment and some tender loving care. These can go a long way in the field.

And that’s my caching tip of the day…..        


Benizerith said...

Perfect! I'm allergic to bees, and carry an epi-pen in my purse and a spare in my geo-bag. I also keep Benedryl spray, a stick, and capsules with me everywhere. This is an excellent tip! My oldest son has a geo-bag of his own with swag and the like in it, and he has the benedryl singles in there too. Better to be safe than sorry!


Sounds like you’re covered! In addition to yourself and your family, you never know when you might also walk into a situation where someone else might be at risk. My advice to folks is, even if you are not allergic and you are more than 30 minutes away from medical attention, take one. It can’t hurt and then if a reaction starts to show signs take another and start to head towards your car. No geocache is worth risking your life (well I can think of a few but, anyway) or the wellbeing of someone you are with. As you know, it can come on quick and bring you down fast.
Thanks for the comment; I always appreciate your thoughts!

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