Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, I finally did it! I started a blog on geocaching to add to my obsession and quell my OCD. This is just a collection of ideas and thoughts that may really have nothing at all to do with geocaching however, for the most part it will.
I’m still not quite sure what it is about geocaching that keeps me so interested? Maybe it’s the fact that it combines many of the element that I really like such as tech gadgetry, internet community, the great outdoors, exercise and let’s not forget the adventure of the treasure hunt. Even as a small boy while other kids wanted to play Army, I wanted to play Pirate. Seeking buried treasure using a map and clues was always appealing to me so I guess in a sense; I have always been a cacher.
Join me in the fun. Comment and participate in the polls. No one here will be judged and all are welcome to comment, you don’t even need to sign in! So be respectful in your posts and when you visit, sign the CacheCrazy log book. I hope you enjoy it here and follow the leader in obsessive compulsive chatter on the subject of geocaching and life in general.
Thanks for listening,
Kevin aka Bloodhounded


EagleRose1 said...

Hi Kevin,
It looks great so far. Something I thought about too. Looks like you are going t make it fun. I can't wait to read about all your adventures. Your cache pages are always cool and I look forward to reading them.
Good luck!


Thanks Dianna! I appreciate your kind words and support!

James said...

Hey Kevin,
This is great. I love online forums and geocaching so this is something that I can really enjoy. I always enjoy your caches and the fun involved with getting to them. I was second to last to find you mindbender #?*! (Thankfully not the last -*all eyes look at John*)

When i heard it was gone, I went back and walked downstream as far as I thought it could float. I had a thought that somebody launched it into the water in a fit of frustration!

Please keep up the good work you're doing here. I'll read it more when I get out of the woods and pick off the ticks.

John Galt?


"I had a thought that somebody launched it into the water in a fit of frustration"

Yes, very true my friend, I didn't think of that! Thanks for checking for me. It would have been awesome if you would have found it but no matter, I have a replacement ready to go. Just as "fun" too he, he, he.

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