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Monday, September 27, 2010


As a responsible cache owner I recently did my regular maintenance on some of my hides either by myself or have emailed friends to assist and report the findings (thanks guys). You know, make sure the cache is not negatively impacting the immediate area, check out the container, make sure it’s dry, replace the log with a new one or make sure it has enough room for another 30 or so visit and replace the pen/pencil.  Then comes my favorite part, I add some swag and look through the swag that others left for some neat stuff. But wait, where’s the swag???? I make damn sure when I place a cache that it’s filled to the brim with treasure. After all it is a treasure hunt, right? You can imagine my disappointment to see half of the swag gone and not many different items other than what I put in them. I suck it up, fill them up and move on but I ask you, “Whatever happened to trading up?” Or, how about even?
 I’m cool with a TNLNSL log, but it appears that in many cases the TN is FALSE, the LN is TRUE and the SL is accurate most of the time (however, I have seen some inconsistencies and you know who you are).

My expectations as a newbie were awakened by the reality that about half of all geocaches are either not maintained well or/and that they have been robbed of most of their swag. You hit a good one now and then that’s really filled and it’s actually a refreshing change from the frustration of getting skunked. You would think that after awhile you would get beat down and just give up but guess what? I'm still going to continue to load up those caches because I know that some little kid out there is going to open that cache and go "wow, awesome, look at this and that" and I have received emails from folks who appreciate it. Let's face it guys, this sport is pretty cheap. I mean once you get the gear, you're pretty much set. It’s not like golf where you can drop $100.00 in one day no problem (one of the reasons I do not personally partake in that sport. That and chasing the little white ball around, I don't know, not for me).To go to the dollar store and spend $20.00 for a bag full of stuff is actually part of the fun to me. Adding items that I think little and big kids would like is my personal touch to a cache be it mine or others.

Take a kid caching!
Let’s never forget, IT’S A TREASURE HUNT! Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not all about the trinkets but, some little kid who just walked what was 10 miles in his/her mind, got scratched, bumped, yelled at a few times by Mom and for what? Junk! Next thing you know the kids don’t want to go any longer, so you can’t go either because there is no one to watch the kids, the caches don’t get found, so hiders give it up and then before you know it, it’s history. Don’t believe that the youth drive the future? Just ask the ex-CEO of a burger franchise named Jack in the Box who said 25 years ago “We don’t have to compete with the youth market. McDonalds can have them”. That coupled with the 1993 E.coli breakout the killed 4 little kids and made 600 more seriously ill pretty much put an end to the company. This from a company who had a more aggressive marketing strategy than today’s top dog McDonalds but, just didn’t think that kids and food safety were all that important. Think about that the next time you drive by the Dollar Store.


Shell said...

Agreed!!! I'm so sick of hiking a mile into the woods to find moldy, soggy CRAP. My kids get so excited, only to be let down. When I figure out some good stashing places, our own caches will be packed with swag!!! :)


That is what I like to hear! Always keep in mind that some little kid is going to open that puppy up. What do you want them to say? WOW or Crap!
Thanks Shell, I'll be looking for your hides and you can take the kids on any of mine that are small containers or larger. I’ll guarantee there will be swag for the trading.

alfred12 said...

I agree with you both. Too many times when my son opens the cache I hear a "there's nothing worth anything in here" from him. That's when I go into teaching mode and teach him all about SWAG and then we leave something worth taking even though we did not take anything. I always think about the little kids out there who really want to get into the sport and finding a nice toy or something in it really helps. Like you said, a few bucks at the dollar store and you're set for quite some time with nice little goodies. I also take advantage of garage sale items as long as they are in good condition. While in Ohio I once bought a large bag of nice lapel pins for $1.00. There were lots in there and since they did not cost that much I don't mind leaving some even if we don't take anything. So I say load up those caches and make it worth it for the little ones. What better way to promote the sport than for the little kids to always be talking about the matchbox car they got from a cache they found while out with Mom and Dad. Bigal437


Very well said Rob! The three of us are all on the same page. I like the part where you go into the teaching mode. I do that too. I always end up leaving something but rarely take anything. When the kids come along I have to bring some "unseen swag" and if the cache is crap, I just whip out a little surprise for my little one and then add something worth it for the next kid and HOPE that they do the same.

Hey Rob, you and Shell have something in common, she is into homeschooling too. Not me I’m sorry to say, just don’t have the patients. My wife Dawn is a teacher by profession and my kids go to Catholic school. Not that we are super religious or anything but, I don’t think the public school system has anything to offer in our district.

Benizerith said...

I'm with you all. My kids absolutely LOVE to go "treasure hunting". They usually find something they like, and I always end up leaving more than we took. But sometimes, the contents are just nothing special. They get so disappointed and sad that they trekked through the woods, dealt with pickers and tree roots... all to find nothing. (Of course, I'm older, so I'm all about the find, but kids think differently.) When that happens a couple times in a row, they get discouraged and don't wanna go anymore. It's hard to find someone to watch them while the hubby and I go, so we rarely get to go alone, finding whatever we can. (maybe once a month)

I'm totally with you on everything you said. They walk (what they feel like is) 500 miles, only to find a cache full of "crap". (my kids words lol)

I have a large ammo container just itching to be stocked to the brim with awesome swag... I just need to find somewhere to put it. I've never hid one, but I am so anxious to do so!

Anyway, I'm so glad you started this blog! I love it. :)

(P.S. I'm TheDunsilFamily on


Well hello there,
Thanks for your kind words on the blog and I am happy you like it. I guess I hit that “crap” thing dead on because it’s the same thing my kids say too (however, I can imagine what they are thinking). If you are looking for a place to stash your cache please take my advice, stay on public land! State parks are now charging $25.00 to place a cache and the form you need to fill out looks like my freaking tax return (don't get me started on that one). Anyway, I know you guys are local but I’m not sure where you’re from however, state game lands are cache friendly and county owned property such as The Seven Tub Natural Area are good choices. If you would like to place one in the Bear Creek Nature Preserve see me in about 3 weeks. I have been given the opportunity to review and get approval for all caches there by the preserve manager. Francis E. Walter Dam area (my home turf) is also nice and an ACE project but the manager and I are buds and I can get permission there for you too if you want. Anything I can do to help.
Great to hear from you and post anytime!

Benizerith said...

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. I'm in Kingston, so all that stuff is super close to me. I've found that the caches in parks are way more fun. You get to see so much stuff you never knew existed. (like the cave in "Devil's Den"... LOVED that one!)


Kingston! What about Kirby Park? I have been trying to start a cache movement towards there. My buddy Smithie23 recently hid the final to his most recent hide there, I placed Help Lost Puppy there and there is a ton of room and lots of cool areas BUT, stay away from the vagrant area. Those folks are friendly enough and don't bother anyone at all (in fact say "Hi" to Big Billy who resides there, long story). It would likely scare the average folks away.The lower end by the bridge is where the trouble is. Drugs, unemployment and the depressed economy have made folks desperate and that’s where they seem to congregate. I was looking around down there and ended up running away and I’m not scared easily. Other than that there is some fine real estate to hide a few. You guys could be the King and Queen of caches there, its wide open for the taking. There are no problems hiding there either with reviewer approval, it's county property so you own a very small portion of it, lol! Stake your claim....
Let me know how I can help.

Benizerith said...

We just recently found the "Help Lost Dog" cache. That one was clever. I thought there would be a lot more there... I want so badly to place caches everywhere. I see a place, and I'm like, wow, that would be the PERFECT place for a cache!

We just started caching this summer, so I'm not up on the rules and regs as to placing a cache... but I really wanna.

Kirby Park seems like the perfect place, since there are only like 3 in the general area. But with the amount of people who are there at any given time, I feel like it would get muggled or something. When we were looking for the lost dog one, we had to be really careful, cuz there were a ton of people driving/walking by who were looking at us funny.

I need to find a clever place for my first cache. It's gotta be GOOD.

I'm such a n00b. LOL


Ha, sounds like you have the fever my friend! If left untreated you might go CacheCrazy like me! If you need any help with the regs or the cache page for your first hide just let me know. I would be happy to help.
Have fun!

Benizerith said...

Thanks so much. I am def. gonna take you up on that! And I agree... I have the fever hardcore. My kids too. As I type, they're playing cars and saying they're going to find a treasure chest. LOL

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