CacheCrazy.Com: September 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guess where I went for lunch today?

Despite the terrorist warnings and evacuation, I went to The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France for lunch today. Then I stopped by St. Peter’s Basilica Rome, Italy and said “Hi” to Ben, decided to take a quick look at Denver, Co and time was running short so I quickly checked out Atlanta, GA and rushed back to Scranton, PA (I didn’t want to be late for a conference call). No, I wasn’t smoking that legal weed at lunch like all the yuppies are doing these days. I went on an all expenses paid trip complements of Google Earth.
If you haven’t tried Google Earth you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a free global download mapping software that literally takes you anywhere on earth that you want to go. At first it’s a little cumbersome getting use to the navigation and such but in a short time you too will be falling from space and landing right in your front yard if you want to. I love the 3D feature but it takes some practice. Once you get it you can move on to other features that are of interest to you. Name it, parks, hiking trails, secret service buildings, bomb shelters, volcanoes, mountain peaks, ocean floors and oh yeah, Geocaches!
You heard me right; Geocaches are available for viewing on Google Earth. Want to check out that 5/5 extreme cache that you heard about? Why not navigate it in 3D and see for yourself how high and steep that cliff is without even leaving your house. Please know that this is no replacement for the actual hunt and if you do find the cache in 3D, no, you don’t get a smiley! So, exercise is still encouraged along with fresh air and nothing can take the place of that fit you can throw in the middle of nowhere when you’ve reached your limit searching for that elusive cache but, if you’re looking for fun, education, and a great way to kill some time (did I ever mention I don’t sleep much?) Google Earth is it. I am going to set up a game with it and teach my kids some geography, the fun way.
Tonight, I’m going to get the kids in bed, kiss the wife good night, grab a cold one (bottled water) and nestle in for a lengthy exploration of the moon starting with the landing sight of Apollo 11. I have a cache all ready for hiding, he, he, he. Yep, you can go to the moon too, cool right? So when you see me on the news in the morning saying “one small step for man, one giant step for geocachers everywhere” you heard it first right here on CacheCrazy. Hope I don’t get muggled by aliens. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2- I have to take off now……
Bon Voyage

Monday, September 27, 2010


As a responsible cache owner I recently did my regular maintenance on some of my hides either by myself or have emailed friends to assist and report the findings (thanks guys). You know, make sure the cache is not negatively impacting the immediate area, check out the container, make sure it’s dry, replace the log with a new one or make sure it has enough room for another 30 or so visit and replace the pen/pencil.  Then comes my favorite part, I add some swag and look through the swag that others left for some neat stuff. But wait, where’s the swag???? I make damn sure when I place a cache that it’s filled to the brim with treasure. After all it is a treasure hunt, right? You can imagine my disappointment to see half of the swag gone and not many different items other than what I put in them. I suck it up, fill them up and move on but I ask you, “Whatever happened to trading up?” Or, how about even?
 I’m cool with a TNLNSL log, but it appears that in many cases the TN is FALSE, the LN is TRUE and the SL is accurate most of the time (however, I have seen some inconsistencies and you know who you are).

My expectations as a newbie were awakened by the reality that about half of all geocaches are either not maintained well or/and that they have been robbed of most of their swag. You hit a good one now and then that’s really filled and it’s actually a refreshing change from the frustration of getting skunked. You would think that after awhile you would get beat down and just give up but guess what? I'm still going to continue to load up those caches because I know that some little kid out there is going to open that cache and go "wow, awesome, look at this and that" and I have received emails from folks who appreciate it. Let's face it guys, this sport is pretty cheap. I mean once you get the gear, you're pretty much set. It’s not like golf where you can drop $100.00 in one day no problem (one of the reasons I do not personally partake in that sport. That and chasing the little white ball around, I don't know, not for me).To go to the dollar store and spend $20.00 for a bag full of stuff is actually part of the fun to me. Adding items that I think little and big kids would like is my personal touch to a cache be it mine or others.

Take a kid caching!
Let’s never forget, IT’S A TREASURE HUNT! Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not all about the trinkets but, some little kid who just walked what was 10 miles in his/her mind, got scratched, bumped, yelled at a few times by Mom and for what? Junk! Next thing you know the kids don’t want to go any longer, so you can’t go either because there is no one to watch the kids, the caches don’t get found, so hiders give it up and then before you know it, it’s history. Don’t believe that the youth drive the future? Just ask the ex-CEO of a burger franchise named Jack in the Box who said 25 years ago “We don’t have to compete with the youth market. McDonalds can have them”. That coupled with the 1993 E.coli breakout the killed 4 little kids and made 600 more seriously ill pretty much put an end to the company. This from a company who had a more aggressive marketing strategy than today’s top dog McDonalds but, just didn’t think that kids and food safety were all that important. Think about that the next time you drive by the Dollar Store.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

CacheCrazy Crazy Cache Show and Tell

This is a series that I started on and I thought I would post it here as well.

I love gadget caches! I don’t exactly know why but I do. Even more, I love “unique” cache containers. Now don’t get me wrong, I still like the ammo cans and Lock’n Locks and the occasional bison tube but, when someone goes out of their way to make/buy and plant an interesting container, it does my heart good. Even some container “presentations” are cool in the way its set up and if it’s “rigged”in any way well, that just makes my day! (I am obviously easy to please, lol).

I know you guys and gals out there have either found some crazy cache containers, own some or both! Come on and share your craziest cache container with us. Even if you just tell the description I’m sure we can form a picture in our minds. Any “cool cache set ups” are welcome too. Did a cache have a definite “twist” to it that set it apart from the rest? A puzzle that had you hung up for weeks?

I think it would be fun to see the creativity among us crazy geocachers and hear the stories of their experiences in hiding and finding them.

Please share....

I’ll even get this party started!

This baby is one of the most diabolical cache containers known to man. I have been saving it for a very special cache I have planned. This is not a spoiler because it will still be tough to complete. The cache itself is contained in the top chamber which is locked. A very small key is inside the apparatus. The object is to “shake” the key through the twists and internal chambers and have it release through the bottom to unlock the case. There are four paths that the key could take but only one that actually works.

To add a sense of anticipation, I built two “site paths” where you can see the key as it travels on its merry way hehehe!

Watch for it coming soon to a cache near you!

I have only two concerns: That it would be misidentified as a nuclear bomb so, I plan to hide it very remotely. And, that it will get smashed in frustration. I built it from a design of a “monkey cache” that was very basic and added my own little twist to its design. I know, I have problems…..

Friday, September 24, 2010

The ”Cache Tip” of the day

This was contributed by my friend (and neighbor) Dan from the Dodger Lizard Crew (DLC) and I thought a Friday would be perfect to post it while folks are making weekend plans. Thanks Dan!
I would like others to offer some suggestions as well and I’ll post them as they come in.
You ever been to Nay Aug Park in Scranton?  This is a very nice 'urban' park.  The gorge is excellent.  There are 3 or 4 caches there (I got the Nay Aug Tree house cache yesterday - it's a good one to see the gorge and get a moderate workout) and the tree house is very cool.  After visiting the park, you can then run downtown for a nice lunch at one of the plentiful Scranton establishments.  It would be a very nice trip in the fall - get up early, hit the caches, grab some lunch, home by mid-afternoon.  Not a serious outdoor adventure, but a relaxed outing to a pleasant location.
 Scranton really has come a long way - I think it is a beautiful city.
 And that is my 'cache tip' of the day
 Dan from DLC    

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello All of my Geocaching Friends!

I first want to say “Thank You” for taking the time to stop by and I also want to tell you not to be a stranger here. You guys are the ones who have supported me through my geocaching experiences whether you’re a finder, hider, seeker, solver, creator, novice, expert or anything in-between, it’s you who have motivated me to continue to go for it! I love life and want to enjoy it to its maximum. Geocaching has so many things that we all love in life. So, the Blog isn’t just about geocaching (although that is the base of it) it’s also about having fun and enjoying life.

Have some fun with me and join me now and then to get caught up. Don’t forget to follow me because then I know you’re out there somewhere and I can Blog to you specifically at times. Feel free to submit to me some ideas and cool things you come across too.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Kevin AKA Bloodhounded

Muggle Wanted!!! Dead or Alive....

Yes, it’s true; one of the favorite family caches of all time has gone missing. If you see one of these “apparatuses” please send me an email, I’ll go and do the cache and ID the thing and if it’s mine, I’ll give you a reward! I won’t tell you what I’ll do to that sucker who took it (in case there are some young cachers reading this)! Post his/her picture here for sure .Here is the cache page and I already have built its replacement and am just about ready to enable the cache but, I still miss my first baby and really would like it back.
Thanks for your help

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's all coming together

After tinkering with this, that and the other thing I think I am getting real close to releasing the Blog. I haven't told many people so I could get use to the format and insure that it looked just right (not as easy as it seems). I have a lot more I want to add to it and all in good time. For now I just want to get a few things done and I'll bet before the weekend it will be ready to go. So if you are one of the lucky ones reading this right now I'll tell you, you're one of the few and I would like some feedback so, before I go releasing it full bore, I'll have some insight and others thoughts.
Thanks guys! I know I can count on you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, I finally did it! I started a blog on geocaching to add to my obsession and quell my OCD. This is just a collection of ideas and thoughts that may really have nothing at all to do with geocaching however, for the most part it will.
I’m still not quite sure what it is about geocaching that keeps me so interested? Maybe it’s the fact that it combines many of the element that I really like such as tech gadgetry, internet community, the great outdoors, exercise and let’s not forget the adventure of the treasure hunt. Even as a small boy while other kids wanted to play Army, I wanted to play Pirate. Seeking buried treasure using a map and clues was always appealing to me so I guess in a sense; I have always been a cacher.
Join me in the fun. Comment and participate in the polls. No one here will be judged and all are welcome to comment, you don’t even need to sign in! So be respectful in your posts and when you visit, sign the CacheCrazy log book. I hope you enjoy it here and follow the leader in obsessive compulsive chatter on the subject of geocaching and life in general.
Thanks for listening,
Kevin aka Bloodhounded


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