Saturday, April 19, 2014

Geocaching with Miragee ~ Hot hike up and around Mt. Woodson

The week before, when it was getting up to 107° in the Ramona area, Auld Pro, "lostguy", and I were going to hike Mt. Woodson. Thank goodness someone, Auld Pro, decided going closer to the coast was a better idea for that day.

So now, a week late, I met up with "lostguy" and Auld Pro in Spring Valley for our Mt. Woodson adventure. Shortly after piling into "lostguy"'s truck, I realized my GPSr was missing. I'm glad we didn't go back to my car for it since it turned out the GPSr was sitting on the ground where it fell off my pack as I put it in my car back at home.

The parking "area" for the Mt. Woodson trails is right along the busy 67 Highway, and we saw piles of broken glass, just like those at the Iron Mountain trailhead, where cars have been broken into by slimeballs who take advantage of people out hiking the trails. We made sure nothing was visible in the truck before locking it up and starting out.

My companions were very generous to me today because each of them had found nearly all the caches along the trails, yet they stopped at each location for me to look for the cache. Fortunately, the caches were easy to find, or Auld Pro would make sure I found the container, so it didn't take a lot of time for me to sign the log, except for one fairly long side-trip we had to take to get to "Ramona Breezes" where I took this picture of my companions.

I took a lot of other pictures during our many-mile hike. This was of the pond where a new cache "No Waterskiing Here" had been placed since Princess Toadstool and I were here in 2005 to find the "original" Woody caches.

The views were hazy today, but the panoramas we saw along the trails were frequently spectacular.

I really love the huge, spheroidally-weathered boulders that are found all over Mt. Woodson and which make the hike a fun one.

In the area that burned in last October's "Witch Creek" fire, there were many wildflowers blooming, flowers that don't get a chance to emerge in the dense, fully-mature chapparal.

Two of the caches I found in the burn area showed evidence of the fire. The other container and its contents, although it smelled "toxic" was in better condtion than the container for "Collette's Last View."

We took a different trail back that took us through many shady areas with mature oak trees and "healthy" patches of poison oak. This area was dangerous, but photogenic.

We emerged from the trail near the golf course, hot and tired, and somewhat anxious to see if the glass in the truck was intact. We had almost half a mile to walk up the busy road to see that it was. Thanks to Auld Pro, who sent me the tracks he recorded on his new Legend HCx, I have the Profile of our hike:


On our way back to the meeting place in Spring Valley, we stopped in Lakeside to get the recently-placed caches along the walkway in the River Park. There were ten caches along that trail, only part of which was cool and shady.

I wanted to be able to whistle for the truck and have it meet us where the trail emerged onto the road, but alas, it wasn't fitted with that option, so we had to walk, and walk, and walk back to it and the relief offered by its air conditioning.

All together, I found more than 30 caches today and it took a long time to log all of them as I attempted to write something unique for each cache.

I am very grateful to "lostguy" for doing all the driving today, and grateful to both "lostguy" and Auld Pro for their kindness in making sure I found the caches they had already found, even though I didn't have my GPSr. Since the location of my Vista HCx was a bit of a mystery throughout the day, I was happy to see it on the ground next to where I park my car back home. I'm sure glad when it fell from my pack it bounced away from the car instead of under it where it might have been crushed between the tires as I drove out at 6:45 in the morning . . .

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pathtags are Fun!

What's a Pathtag?  Pathtags are fun little personal items that geocachers have been trading or leaving in caches as their signature items.  My geocaching name is Bugleann and I'm a huge Snoopy fan, so my friend Brian designed this Pathtag for me.  Isn't is cute? This is my personal Pathtag....

Brian also designed his "Caching for Christ" tag for himself and also designed our friends "Tomeagle55" tag....

Pathtags are single sided, metal tags and are about the size of a quarter.  Many geocachers have them made and leave them in caches for other geocachers to find.  If you find a Pathtag, you can keep it.  That's how they differ from Travel Bugs, which you can't keep and have to move from cache to cache.   The Pathtags are magnetic, so it's easy to mount them to a magnetic board to display them.  They also have a hole punched into them, so you can slide them onto a keychain or wear them as a necklace.

When you first order them you design what you want and upload the design to the Pathtag site.  They make a blueprint, you approve it, they do a design set up and dye mix and then they make your tags.  The first time cost with the design and set up is about $ 110.00 for 50 tags.  After that you can re-order more and you won't have the set up costs anymore.

Pathtags have a huge variety of designs on them, from cartoon characters, to pets, to themes like hunting, fishing, hiking, swimming, camping.  Some people have tags made for some of the yearly geocaching events.  Other tags support our military, the scouts or different illnesses.  The design possibilities are endless!

You can leave them in caches, trade them with other cachers at events or trade them with other cachers around the globe through the Pathtags website.  You can scroll or search through literally thousands of different pathtags and when you find one you like, you just email the owner and ask them if they'd like to trade tags.  They have an opportunity to see which tags you are offering and then they can accept or decline.  I've traded tags with other cachers from as far away as Australia and the Netherlands.

I currently have about 40 tags that I've collected, but my favorites are any that have to do with Snoopy or any of the Peanuts characters....

Pathtags are just fun to trade, kind of like baseball cards when I was a kid.  So keep your eyes peeled next time you're looking through a cache container.  You never know what you might find!

Post by Bugleann (Snug Harbor Bay)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Not Wednesday ~ Hey Bloodhounded, what's for dinner?

Did you know that in addition to my "real job" as a program director for a USDA school lunch subsidy grant, on the weekends I am a saute cook at a popular restaurant? I've done it for years and I really enjoy working with a great team of guys and gals who teach and learn with enthusiasm. I like to add some dishes from my favorites to the specials and always boast how people are ordering my meals. Then I secretly urge the waitstaff to come back and tell how much the customers enjoyed it and gave their compliments to the chef. This gets the cooks all fired up and they try to out do me. It makes for a great working environment and the customers must love it!

At home I am also the primary cook. I do all the kids and Mrs. Bloodhounded's lunches for school, supervise a healthy breakfast and make dinner four of the seven days of the week. Again, I love to cook so it's all good with me. It's relaxing. Hey, some guys grab a beer after work, I grab a knife, you got a problem with that? LOL.....

By looking at these pictures of ingredients, do you know what Bloodhounded's making for dinner? If not, just click on the picture for the entree and my recipe.
Bon Appetit!




Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Bed Time Story from Ol' Bloodhounded

Just in time to tuck you guys in with a little 
story from one of my Geocache pages.
click on the story to get a better view

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Adventures with ~ The Grizzlies

While Conni and her family were salmon fishing in Valdez, Alaska USA, they found out right away that they weren't the only fishing family! Check out this post from, I get goose bumps just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing Conni!

As I mentioned, we weren't the only ones out there fishing for salmon in Valdez. We were joined by many in the animal kingdom, and this one paid a visit that very first night. A mama grizzly bear with....count those cubs!

Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is the mother of 4!

She would mosey on down to the water, effortlessly snag a fish, and munch away with her baby bears right along with her.

I have seen black bears in the wild before, but this was my first grizzly. I couldn't take my eyes off them. It was simply amazing to witness.

And while I couldn't take my eyes off of her...she was keeping her eye on the 2-legged critters as well. After all, she is a mama grizzly, and no one will mess with her!


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