Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cards for the Family of Kevin Sullin

If you would like to send cards to Kevin's family the address is:
17 South Spring Street, Freeland, PA 18224

Thanks from Big Al at Cachecrazy.Com

Monday, January 8, 2018


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A memorial service will be held for Kevin Lee Sullin this Thursday from 6 to 8 pm at the McNulty Funeral Home in Freeland, PA.

RIP Kevin

 'It's with the heaviest of hearts even typing this out. Today was a day I thought would never happen. Today I had to say goodbye to my Dad. I'm heartbroken. I'm mad. I'm numb. Our relationship was different. Father/son yes, but we were best friends. We cried together, we laughed together....alot. We talked about everything under the sun. Sometimes we didn't have to talk at all, just enjoyed each others company in silence. I took for granted all of those summer nights on the banks of the river. I thought we'd have thousands more. I remember that last trip, it was our best one of the year. We were so pumped to pick it back up in spring. I'm not going to ever say goodbye bc I know you will be with me Every time I'm at our spot. Instead I'm going to leave it the same way we ended every trip...."Let's keep an eye on the weather and set it up Sunday" I'm gonna miss you man. More than you will ever know. Til we can cast lines again--'
It is with a sad heart that I announce that the creator of Cache, Kevin Sullin, aka Bloodhounded, has passed away. As was posted on FaceBook, I do not have the details other than what was posted by his son Brian, and his daughter Steph. Please feel free to leave your comments below. We will all miss Kevin dearly. Our prayers go out to his family at this time. I'll try and post more details as I get them. RIP Kevin.

Big Al (Rob Alfred)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cemetery Geocaching

Author: Bloodhounded
Notes from author: This seems to be a hot topic amongst many, some say it's wrong while others say, big deal. What do you think? Here is my take on the subject of geocaching in cemeteries.

 In the very beginning, when I first started geocaching I remember thinking, “They actually hide these caches in cemeteries? Is that ok to do?” Something just didn’t seem right. Sure it was a nice “park like” atmosphere, there was always a place to park and it never closed so, I guess it made sense. Still somewhere in the back of my feeble brain I remember thinking they were not the geocaches that I was going to go after. Out of respect for the dead or, maybe my upbringing of having to always remove my hat while in a cemetery or my Dad would give me a kick in the ass influenced and reinforced that “knee jerk” reaction, I’m not sure. I did know that with all of those geocaches out there, it would never be an issue. 

Fast forward five months later; I found all the caches within my home turf! All except those two cemetery caches, darn cemetery caches! I put my best intensions aside and went out to clear the field. The first was actually pretty cool. The cemetery had some deep history and many of the tombstones reflected an era that I have only read about. To think those folks have been buried here all that time was fascinating to me. I stopped looking for the cache and started reading headstones and marveled at the different types of stone sculptures. It was really cool and I realized that the CO wanted others to see these too. I found the geocache quickly and moved on to the next. This next geocache was not anywhere near as interesting or maintained. Actually, the place was a wreck with tree limbs down on grave sites and overgrown. The cache itself seemed to resemble the rest of the picture as it was poorly placed or maintained. The log should have been replaced a while ago, damp and falling apart in my hands.

Since then I have found several cemetery geocaches. Many of them were totally awesome with great historic features and significance that made them special in some way, yet others lacked any thought or consideration of the deceased. I even have three cemetery hides of my own under my belt to add another layer of diversity to my geocaching hides. So, I ask you, “am I a changed man” contradicting my initial thoughts of geocaching in cemeteries? There are pluses and minuses however overall; I have not changed my feelings on the subject. Somehow, I still feel it’s probably not the best place for a geocache.

I think there is an element of “edict” that needs to come into play here. Now, I’m not going to outline what I “think” that is but, I will say that good common sense goes a long way here. I try not to walk over top of graves, come in contact with headstones and always say a small prayer for the residence but, that’s just me. I have seen the damage of vandals and the disregard of poor management that let these hallowed grounds go to Hell (no pun intended). In one hand, I think if I were laid to rest here and folks were playing around me, I’d be cool with that, even welcome it. On the other hand, seeing folks climbing over headstones and littering would really piss me off. So, I guess I’m torn.

Some states have put a ban on geocaching in cemeteries while others have posted “No Trespassing” signs claiming that it’s private property. I don’t get it, private property? What if I want to visit a friend or loved one? In certain states reviewers need to have written permission from the caretaker before they will publish a geocache in a cemetery. Dogs are certainly not welcome in cemeteries and for whatever reason, being happy for any reason is frowned upon. It’s considered a place for mourning, prayer and respect. Laughter, play or loud voices have no place here or so I’m told.

At the end of the day, I’ll still seek caches in cemeteries and I really don’t see myself hiding any additional ones but, you just never know. It seems to be a controversial subject that many folks have weighed in heavily on over the years and for good reasons, I guess? I would really like to hear our readers take on this subject. Is it wrong? Should it be banned? Or, is it okay and why?

In a game with few rules, geocaching is truly the one game that CAN be played in a cemetery. For now anyway. 

Cache safe!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Glasgow Today from My Corner Of Scotland with Ann

A nice trip up to Glasgow on the early bus today with the intention of a grabbing a few caches which we managed.  
So 3 found in all which takes me up to 250 caches.  Ok loads of folk are into thousands but I am plodding along with my caches here and there,  with the summer approaching I will not be out as much caching as I have my little B&B so whilst it is quiet through the winter/spring then that is when we are out caching.  I will point out that I am the geocacher in the house, hubby trails along but secretly I think is a closet cacher................................
After collecting the caches we bought sandwiches and sat in the sun in George Square where they have a huge wheel, a smaller version of the London Eye (which we have also been on)  so with it being a cold bright day off we go to get the tickets for a ride on the wheel, which we enjoyed with lovely views over the city.

These photographs of the walk along side the river Clyde in the city, it was lovely walking along in the sun, so quiet, not a lot of folk about, you would never have know the city centre was a few minutes walk away.   These were the views walking along by the side of the river Clyde going along to geocache

If you don't tell hubby he is in the photo and on my blog then I wont tell him either, I was told "Don't put me on"         Oh well ;-)

These flats you can see on the right have lovely views across the river.  The bridge in the distance had a cache hidden nearby.
Then it was on for a quick sandwich and a ride on the wheel.

The wheel wasn't busy we could have stayed on a lot longer if we wanted to, they said to just ring the bell on the ceiling if we wanted off, I thought he meant if we didn't like it and wanted off! 
So round and round we went,  something different to do in the city, acting as tourists.

This is me completing a cache challenge, do you see the cone on top of Wellington's head? I had to be in the photograph along with the statue and hopefully his cone, thankfully he was wearing it today.  I tried to stand and look as if I was waiting for someone rather than having my photograph taken!   Then before heading for the bus we went to my favourite shop, Lakeland that sells everything to do with the house/kitchen.



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